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Dr. Jonathan was first introduced to Chiropractic care at a very young age. Originally, his family took him to a Chiropractor due to sleep isssues, not knowing all of the benefits of having a healthy spine and nervous system. Soon after, they realized he was overall functioning significantly better in all aspects of life! At only 14 years old, Dr. Jonathan made it his lifetime mission to understand exactly how the body works, and what causes people to lose their health.
Later on in life, after graduating his undergraduate studies with a focus on sciences and human performance, he went on to pursue his Doctorate of Chiropractic at the prestigious Life University in Marietta, GA. He also holds an advanced certification in the Torque Release Technique, and is one of only 200 Chiropractors to practice it.

He and his team are on a mission to create a healthier Sunrise, FL and Broward County community by educating and enabling individuals and families to take back their health through principled, specific, neurologically based Chiropractic care.

Gentle Care, Specific Results

At Ozner Family Chiropractic, our mission is to help you reach your maximum health potential through specific, neurologically based Chiropractic care. We are fully dedicated our practice members, and we focus on the latest advancements in technology and research, ensuring that the care we provide is effective and has a positive impact on your overall health. 

Seeing that every individual has specific health concerns and needs, we use the most up to date, proven and scientifically validated techniques to ensure we deliver the best care possible. We are a family based practice and our slogan is “let our family take care of yours”, meaning that we take care of entire families and individuals of all conditions. Let us be your first option for conservative, natural healthcare. 

We begin the process by reviewing your health history and completing a thorough examination. We then provide care recommendations for each individual based on personalized needs and goals. Helping you reach your optimal level of health is our top priority, and we welcome people of all ages in our community to take advantage of our chiropractic services. We can provide care for you and your entire family to help you get out pain, become healthier and to help your body can function properly so you reach the maximum level of wellness possible. Visit Ozner Family Chiropractic today and see discover why you should choose us as your Sunrise Chiropractor.

You may not realize how vital your health and wellness is to your quality of life until the way you feel is compromised by pain from an injury or illness. For an increasing number of people that seek happiness and a life of enjoyment, Chiropractic care is the ideal solution to prevent disease and dysfunction, as well as to recover from it.

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At Ozner Family Chiropractic, our mission is to help you reach your maximum health potential through specific, neurologically based Chiropractic care.

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