Spinal health is a vital part of complete body health. You will notice significant benefits when your spine is aligned correctly. It is also important to strengthen and improve your spinal health. This will improve body movement, overall posture, and balance.

Increased Movement

The movement comes from the spine. Our arms, hips, shoulder, and legs are all interconnected to the spine. To move in a more efficient way, take care of your spine.

To improve your overall motion increase your flexibility. Stretching is crucial for flexibility in the tissue around the spine and will reduce your risk of injury.

Stretch before any physical activity to prepare your muscles for a workout. To avoid soreness, stiffness, or a possible injury, stretch after your workout. Furthermore, stretch daily for added flexibility and spinal movement.

Good Posture and Proper Balance

The correct alignment of the spine is essential for total body health.  A healthy spine can improve overall health.  

The Neutral Spine Position is when your skull, rib cage, and pelvis are all in proper alignment. By practicing a relaxed, neutral spine position, your body has more stability and control. Making sure your spine is in proper alignment has added benefits such as better posture and balance.

Muscle Strength

The spine is surrounded by large muscles in the abdomen and back. These muscles help to support your spine. 

Physical activity is a great way to strengthen your muscles and your spinal stability. Those who perform physical activities on a regular basis are less prone to injuries. Furthermore,  these individuals heal quicker from injuries that occur.

Stronger muscles that stabilize the spine can decrease back pain, give you more energy, and make daily physical activities easier. If you are experiencing lower back pain, try increasing the flexibility in your back, practicing correct posture, and strengthening the muscles around your spine.

Whether you have back pain or not, be sure to contact Dr. Ozner to assist with proper spinal alignment. If you live in Sunrise or Broward County, Dr. Jonathan at Ozner Family Chiropractic can work with you to increase your spinal health.

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